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How to Close a Sale

I often get asked, How do I close the sale?

Remember the Glengarry Glen Ross movie when Alec Baldwin is talking to the sales team explaining the ABC’s of selling?

A Always
B Be
C Closing

I personally disagree with those ABC’s. If you want to close the sale remember my ABC’s of selling:

A Always
B Be
C Connecting
Always Be Connecting

How do you connect with someone?

One of the keys to connecting is you have you make it about the person you are in front of, not you. Connect based on what is important to them or what they are passionate about. Now, I love golf so I do not care who you are or what you are trying to sell me if you start talking about golf you have my attention and I am engaged!

Another key to connecting is getting someone to listen to you. If you are doing all the talking and trying to sell, sell, sell…they are probably not listening to you.

I have a simple 2 Steps to Selling approach. Not 15 or 20 steps, just 2! When you implement my 2 Steps to Selling, you will connect and close more sales immediately.

Step 1: Determine the personality style of the person you are talking to.

We all have a way we like to communicate; it’s a habit and without even realizing it we force our communication style on everyone we talk to. That is why we connect with some people and others we do not. So again, the key is to determine their personality style and connect with them how they like to communicate.

By doing this, you will be using my ABC’s of Selling and you will connect and increase your sales.

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