The Human Connection Featuring “The Birds”™

Relationship Building Skills

Strategically Stand Out From Your Competition With The Human Connection

 If you want your business to strategically stand out from your competition then this training is a must for you and your company. This training will help maximize every opportunity by learning how to bring about an instant human connection with customers, potential customers, co-workers, friends and family. members. 

The Birds program works because it’s simple, used daily, and is retained for results

 This is a very simple system for determining very complex characteristics of human behavior. It works because it provides a visual aid that everyone can identify with. Many of the traits of The Birds are easy to relate to people’s behaviors and personalities. The Birds used in the program become so familiar that one can evaluate a customer, prospect, co-worker or family member quickly and accurately in 60 seconds or less. Many employers hire smart people with great résumés and then are disappointed when they don’t perform the way they thought they would. Just imagine how much more productive employees would be if employers took the time to determine if their personality style matched up with their prospective job description.

The Birds will de-stress every area of your company

 Tod Novak’s highly interactive, hands on program reveals the key to professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact of the human connection for increased profits in business. In addition these techniques are devised to be easily implemented in virtually every area of a business regardless of its size. The entire culture of your business can be changed overnight with the Birds and its impact on employees.

Get phone calls returned and optimal results with emails

 Attendees gain the ability to make the human connection with each and every person they meet in person, over the phone, video conference or by email in 60 seconds. What results is an instant connection, which in turn brings about increased sales. Novak’s method is unique because it is fun, easy to learn, easy to use and reveals how to set yourself apart from your competition, even on the phone and with emails. 

To be successful in business, (as well as in life) you must recognize that not everyone thinks or acts like you do.

 The idea behind the Human Connection is easy. If you know a little about the person you’re communicating with, you can bend a bit to accommodate that person’s personality style. If you wanted to get something across to a small child, you would stoop down so that you would be at eye level with the child and you would express yourself in words you were pretty sure the child would understand. In the same way, if you want to get something across to a potential client who you know to be extremely busy and on the impatient side, you would approach your conversation differently and get right to the point when you speak to that person. The idea is that you can choose to communicate in a way that coincides with their personality/communication style rather than your own.


Peacocks are often known as social butterflies. They are lively and extremely animated in their behavior and you can notice them by a little bounce in their step. They are the life of the party and sometimes they are viewed as impetuous and excitable. Peacocks are fast paced and their decisions are SPONTANEOUS. They are seldom concerned about the facts and details and avoid them as much as possible. Their motto is “I just want to have FUN”. They have a disregard fordetails, which prompts them to avoid paperwork containing facts and figures. Their greatest irritations are boring tasks, being alone and not having access to people. The peacock’s primary strengths are their enthusiasm, persuasiveness and delightful sociability. Their weaknesses are getting involved in too many things, impatience and their short attention spans, which cause them to become bored easily. Peacocks are idea people and have the ability to get others caught up in their dreams. They are the most persuasive of all the personalities because of their gift of people skills. They influence others and are extremely productive by bringing people together socially. They want others to know that they have loads of friends and their calendar is always full. A great asset for the Peacock is their dynamic ability to think quickly on their feet. Peacocks are true entertainers who love an audience and thrive on involvement with other people. Their motto is “Let’s have fun”. Peacocks are stimulating, talkative and gregarious. They operate on intuition and like to take risks. Many Peacocks are in occupations such as sales, entertainment, public relations, and social directors. In the business environment they like other people to be risk takers and act quickly while socially they like others to be uninhibited, spontaneous and entertaining.


Dominant Eagles are controlling, direct and born leaders. They exhibit firmness in their relationships and are oriented toward productivity and goals. Their focus is always about bottom line results. Eagles accept challenges, taking authority and go head first into solving problems. They exhibit great administrative and operational skills and work quickly and impressively on their own. Their actions are cool, independent and competitive with others, especially in a business environment. They demand maximum freedom to manage themselves and others, and use their leadership skills to attain freedom. They are often viewed as stubborn, impatient and tough. Eagles will easily take control of others and have a low tolerance for the feelings, attitudes and inadequacies of others. They are fast paced and get very impatient with delays. When other people cannot keep up with their speed, they view them as incompetent. The Eagle’s motto is “I want it done right and I want it done right now (or yesterday)”. The Eagles want people to notice their accomplishments and their motivation for high achievement gives Eagles a tendency towards being a workaholic. Their strengths are their ability to get things done, leadership and decision making ability. Their weaknesses tend to be inflexibility, impatience, poor listening habits and failure to take time to “smell the flowers”. An Eagles ideal occupation is CEO, corporate leader or entrepreneur. In the business environment they like others to be decisive, efficient, receptive and intelligent. Socially they want others to be quick, assertive and witty. To achieve balance, Eagles need to practice active listening and pace themselves for balance in their life. They need to develop patience, humility, and sensitivity for others. In addition to showing concern for others they should slow down at times and think before they speak inappropriately.


The Dove is the diplomat, the peacemaker. They can be recognized by their soft, down to earth easygoing nature. Doves are warm, reliable and compliant. They are good listeners and team players who will keep the peace at all costs. They strive for SECURITY in every area of their life. They take action and make decisions slowly which stems from their desire to avoid risky or unknown situations. Before they take action or make a decision, they have to know how other people feel about their action. Doves tend to be the most likeable and people oriented of all four personality types. Their main objective is to have close friendly, personal, relationships with others. They dislike interpersonal conflicts and will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. They have a natural ability to be counselors and are extremely supportive. The Dove wants to be liked and their theme is “notice how well I am liked”. Doves are great listeners and generally develop relationships easily. The result is that Doves have a strong network of people who are willing to be their friend and supportive of them. Doves focus on getting acquainted and building trust. They are irritated by pushy aggressive behavior. They are cooperative, steady workers and the most excellent of team players.

The primary strengths of Doves are relating to, caring for and loving others. Their main weaknesses are that they are unassertive, overly sensitive and easily bullied. The ideal occupations for the Dove center around helping professions such as; counseling, teaching, social work, clergy, psychology, nursing, parenting and human resource development.


Wise Owls main focus in life is facts, details and the analytical process. They are persistent, systematic problem solvers that are often viewed as picky, critical and sometimes aloof. Owls have a need to be right all the time, leading them to an over reliance on data and facts. In their analytical quest for data they tend to ask many questions about specifics and details. If you listen closely you will notice that an Owl is always asking “who, what, when, where and why”. They are methodical in their actions and decisions are usually cautious, but they will rarely miss a deadline. In younger generations there is a high percentage of Owls. This is due to the fact they were raised with the Internet, easy access to information, facts and details. Owls are PERFECTIONISTS, very serious, and very orderly. They focus on details and the process of work and become irritated by interruptions, surprises and glitches. If you want to make an Owls day, just notice their efficiency. They are proud of the accuracy they used in completing a task. Their emphasis is on compliance and working within existing guidelines to promote quality in products or services. Owls like organization and STRUCTURE. They would rather work by themselves so they can be precise and disciplined. At home or at work you can spot the Owls environment by its organized appearance (a place for everything and everything in its place). The primary strengths of owls are accuracy, dependability, independence, followthrough and organization. The main weaknesses are procrastination and a tendency to be picky and overcautious. The greatest irritation for Owls is disorganization and illogical people. They expect others to be credible, professional, courteous, and in social environments they like others to be pleasant and sincere. Occupations that attract owls are anything that involves facts, details and logical thinking. Technology based occupations, accounting, research, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and architecture.

One of the keys to success in life and business is knowing yourself. When you know yourself, you know what you want, what makes you happy, and what fulfills you. “The Birds”Assessment will help you with all of your relationships, including the most important—the one you have with yourself.

“The Birds”Assessment uses 3 key graphs:

  • Shows how others see you with your primary and secondary bird type
  • Shows your primary and secondary bird type when you’re under stress
  • Shows your primary and secondary bird type during typical behavior



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