Services Offered

Do you want your sales team to increase their conversion rate and close more sales? Build deep relationships with clients and potential clients? Master the 4 Stages of Selling: Prospecting, Presenting, Closing and Follow up?

Tod Novak can help. Tod has been managing sales teams, coaching and training in a variety of industries for over 20 years.

Help members achieve next level success by creating the right sales process, prospecting, polishing presentation skills, following up, closing the sale, and personal development

Remember “Nothing Happens Without A Sale” and this group will help you stay accountable to daily sales activity.

At The Novak Group, we offer expert recruiting services to deliver the premium sales talent you need to grow and develop your business.

Let us help you recruit “A” players who deliver results!

Tod Novak, America’s Sales and Motivational Expert offers custom coaching solutions for you and your business. With Tod’s 39 years of real world sales experience, he has the knowledge and proven experience to help increase your sales immediately!

“Great sales people are not born they are trained and coached” – Tod Novak

To learn more about the sales coaching programs available and start increasing sales immediately.

Tod Novak is a gifted sales coach and personal motivator. From my first interactions with him, he put me at ease. Tod focuses on understanding and relating to the customer.

Tod helped me double my closing ratio within 30 days of working with him, and after 5 months I have quadrupled my closing ratio.

After attending this sales training attendees will better understand customers, prospects, co-workers and everyone they talk to in person, via phone, video conference and email.

Relationship building skills can give any organization a competitive edge in increasing sales and making the human connection.

If you are looking to enhance your staff’s communication skills, Tod is the person to call! His unique program called “The Birds”, guarantees that attendees will have more effective communication with everyone they talk to in person, over the phone and email.

With our on-site training program, we can train employees at the location of your choice and trainings are customized to address specific needs of each organization for maximum impact. Tod will motivate your team and provide them communication tools that they can implement immediately.

Communicate your way to success!

If you’re looking for a dynamic keynote speaker for your meetings, conventions or corporate events. A conference workshop presenter, or someone to draw in a pre-conference crowd, then look no further. Tod’s high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences.

Tod is a leading international speaker, author and CEO of The Novak Group. His clients read like the “Who’s Who” of every major industry, including: Microsoft, Ford, Liberty Mutual, Comcast, State Farm, Manhattan Lasik Center, YWCA, and Health Point Surgical.

Outperform Your Competition Through Effective Sales Presentations. Think about your salespeople in front of prospects.

Are they communicating to each prospect how the prospect wants to receive information, or are they communicating to every prospect the same way? The key is identifying each prospects communication style to effectively make the Human Connection.

Strong presentation skills are vital to succeed in business today.

At your next sales meeting have Tod speak, energize and motivate your team! Mr. Novak has personally delivered over 1000 sales meetings.

Tod has the skills and experience to deliver a high quality, high impact sales meeting customized for your sales team with fresh ideas on how to keep the pipelines full and close more sales.

The Novak Group can mystery shop your competition and find out everything you need to know about their sales process.

We can also go undercover as a prospect and mystery shop your sales process, providing tactical feedback that directly increases your closing ratio.