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I had the pleasure of attending Tod Novak’s two day training seminar which focused on personality types. We were given tools on how to connect with people that completely changed our approach in our professional and personal lives.

Most training seminars and books you are able to pick out a few things that works within your career or apply to you personally. Tod’s training was customized to our field and everything we learned we could apply and see immediate results. I highly recommend The Novak Group to any company looking to advance both internally and externally. It is hands down the best investment in someone professionally and personally.
Adam Bullock
Executive Marketing Strategist at Imagine This
I learned how to communicate with all customers and learned about myself which will help me understand others. This course was fun and informational and as a “peacock” the fun part made it worthwhile. Thank you!
Crystal Buckley
Customer Service Advisor, Ford
Thanks Tod for speaking to Microsoft’s top clients in Mexico City, the feedback on the event and your presentation was great!

Roberto Martinez Tena

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