Call Centre – Case Studies

Sales increased to over $11 Million in 1 year

Client Overview

Industry: Call Center
Location:  Southern California
How long in business: 52 years
How many employees:  250
Length of engagement:   1 year– 4 months

Executive Summary

A Call Center in business for 52 years, Looking to expand sales team and grow the business. Sales team functioned on its own at times with no leadership/management


  • Only had 2 salespeople and one of them was struggling and causing disruption within the company.
  • Wanted to grow sales and did not know the best approach.
  •  President of the company was a little too kind and would wait to have the tough conversations with executive staff and sales team. Sales team functioned on its own at times with no leadership/management.
  • No tracking of leads and had no idea what their conversion rate was or other sales metrics. Call Centre – Case Studies


This client was looking to expand their sales team and grow the business. In 12 months, The Novak Group took the sales team from 2 to 5 salespeople. Sales averaged $8.5 million. In one year The Novak Group helped increase sales to over $11 million, for a RECORD BREAKING year!


  • Half Day Strategic Planning Session with the President.  Reviewed and discussed a 6-page questionnaire that was received from The Novak Group prior to planning session. Call Centre – Case Studies
  • Came up with a sales goal and a plan of action to get there.
  • For the next 12 months, The Novak Group took the correct steps to help the company have its best year ever in sales and increase the size of their sales team from 2 to 5 salespeople.
  • Implemented Sales Management 2.0
  • Started with a half day sales training.
  • Implemented bi- monthly sales meetings.
  • Implemented one on one bi-monthly coaching sessions with sales team.
  • Held sales team accountable for entering required data in CRM and completing daily activity tracking reports.
  • Put systems in place for prospecting, presenting, closing and follow up.
  • Revamped commission structure to motivate sales team to sell more.
  • Implemented a sales culture, brought everyone together as a team.
  • Marketing department was exposed in not producing enough leads for the sales team.
  • Mystery shopped competitors.
  • Set up and hosted after party at annual convention held in Las Vegas, NV. Invited clients, potential clients and vendors to meet and greet, and talk business in a casual atmosphere.
  • Implemented and ran weekly & monthly sales contests.
  • Helped with processes to self-generate leads.
  • LinkedIn training on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and update LinkedIn profile for greater impact.

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