Manufacturing Case Study

Sales were on a downslide for 2 years straight.The Novak Group came in and helped increase sales over 10 million in one year to hit a record-breaking year!

Call Center​

Call Center Case Study

They were looking to expand sales team and grow the business. In 12 months The Novak took the sales team from 2 to 5.  Sales averaged 8.5 million per year. Sales increased to over 11 million in one year, for a record breaking year.

Law Firm

Law Firm Case Study

A Law Firm in business for 24 years. Conversion rate was low while spending millions of dollars On advertising to generate leads. No sales manager.

Entertainment & Casino

Entertainment & Casino Promotions Case Study

Find out how The Novak Group helped this sales team reach their goal for the year and an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.


Lasik Case Study

Learn how The Novak Group helped a Manhattan NY Lasik practice increase sales over $3 million in 22 months and helped them achieve record breaking years...2 years in a row!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Case Study

Within 12 months The Novak Group Helped increase sales by 35% to Hit a record breaking year!