Law Firm Case Study
Increased conversion rate from 9%
To 20%, which increased sales significantly.

Client Overview

Industry: Law Firm
Location:  Southern California
How long in business:  24 years
How many employees:  25
Length of engagement:  2 years 5 months

Executive Summary

Law Firm Case Study

A Law Firm in business for 24 years.
Conversion rate was low while spending millions of dollars
On advertising to generate leads. No sales manager.


  • Needed to weed out current sales team.
  • Result:  let one sales person go and repositioned one to another department within the company.
  • There was no relationship building and little empathy when talking to prospective clients.
  • No sales meetings or sales coaching.
  • Lack of communication and trust. Low morale and no positive sales culture.
  • No strategizing while on the phone with potential client.
  • All salespeople are attorneys/salespeople


Helped the company increase sales $3 Million and increased their average conversion rate of 9% to an average of 20%.


  • Implemented Sales Management 2.0
  • Started with a half day sales training.
  • Implemented bi-monthly sales meetings.
  • Implemented one on one bi-monthly coaching sessions.
  • Held sales team accountable for entering required data in CRM and completing daily activity tracking reports.
  • Revamped commission structure to motivate sales team to sell more.
  • Implemented a sales culture, brought everyone together as a team.
  • Implemented and ran weekly & monthly sales contests.
  • Worked with sales team on the 4 stages of selling: Prospecting, Presenting, Closing & Follow-up.

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