Increased sales over 35% in
12 months to hit a RECORD BREAKING YEAR.

Client Overview

Industry: Digital Marketing
Location: San Diego, CA
How long in business:  14  years
How many employees:  38
Length of engagement:   2 years

Executive Summary

A Digital Marketing Company in business for 14 years. Wanted to grow sales and have a sales expert manage The sales team.


  • Very competitive space with a lot of competition.
  • Clients are doctors. Very tough to get ahold of doctors over the phone and in person during working hours.
  • Sales team was being managed by the President of the company on a limited basis.
  • There was no training and coaching for the sales team. Best practices were not being shared and salespeople were left to help themselves.
  • No sales culture


Increased sales over 35% in 12 months to hit a Record Breaking Year.


  • Half Day Strategic Planning Session with the President and Executive Team.  Came up with a new sales goal and a plan of action on how to achieve goal and manage sales team.
  • The Novak Group managed the sales team, attended conventions and even spoke a few times at conventions and offered 30 minute sessions to attendees to get more traffic to the booth.  Took the correct action steps to help the company have its best year ever in sales.
  • Started with a half day sales training. Brought team together for offsite training.
  • Visited privately with each salesperson and sales support staff to build trust and build personal relationship. Each person that The Novak Group visited with, completed a questionnaire prior to visit so we could discuss questionnaire and talk about next steps.
  • Implemented motivational sales meetings to help build sales culture, sales training and share best practices.
  • Implemented individual One on One coaching sessions to keep each sales person on track.
  • Had phone calls with potential new clients to help sale and demonstrate real live training and coaching.
  • Held sales team accountable for entering required data in CRM and completing daily activity tracking reports.
  • Revamped commission structure to motivate sales team to sell more.
  • Implemented a sales culture, brought everyone together as a team from all departments.
  • Number one salesperson was wanting additional compensation and benefits. By not having this acknowledged it was affecting his motivation. I was able to intervene and come up with a compromise, which then helped the salesperson reach an all-time high for retaining new business.

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