Tod Novak is a gifted sales coach and personal motivator. From my first interactions with him, he put me at ease. Tod focuses on understanding and relating to the customer. Tod helped me double my closing ratio within 30 days of working with him, and after 5 months I have quadrupled my closing ratio. This would certainly not have been possible without Tod’s innovative ideas and leadership. I now feel like there is no sale that can’t be closed! I give Tod Novak my highest professional recommendation

Brendan O. Raven
Attorney at Law
The Kavinoky Law Firm

One on One Sales Coaching- Invest in Yourself!

Why A Coach?

People with extraordinary ambition and performance have one thing in common, they all have a coach. Leaders in athletics, politics, and business know to achieve excellence and go to the next level they need a coach like Tod Novak on their team. High level performers want a supportive trustworthy partner who will advise, direct and push them to reach their goals. The most important investment you can make with the greatest financial return is investing in yourself. You will increase your lifetime earning power, create unimagined opportunities and learn to enjoy life with balance and satisfaction.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe the mind of man can achieve with PMA.” (Positive Mental Attitude)-W. Clement Stone

Sell like a Champion Every Day!


As your coach, I realize that it’s all about you and making you the best you can be. I will help you create the career you want by following your passions, priorities, and talents! Discover who you are and what really motivates you and become a more successful and productive sales person. Together, we will identify and create powerful goals that are personalized just for you and your business. I will be your supportive partner and business advisor throughout the coaching process to measure, monitor and manage your progress. I take my responsibility to you seriously to assure that you achieve your goals and go to the next level. As your sales and business coach, I will show you how to advance your skills and convert your ambition and drive into increased sales success. As your sales victories increase, your stress will be reduced and your profits will increase. The bottom line is simple… with me as your personal coach I will help you increase your sales and income so you will have more time to spend on yourself and your family.

Why Tod Novak?


What really separates Tod from other coaches is availability. He is available to you 24/7, by email. And by phone, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:00 pm. For example, you are going into an important meeting and need some advice or encouragement prior to the meeting. Call Tod and he will be there for you. Phone calls under 7 minutes are unlimited and free.

What Can You Expect From Tod Novak Your Sales Coach?


The first step in your sales coaching will be to schedule a 2 hour, one on one meeting. Together we will define, clarify and focus on you, your motivation, and what it will take to get the results that you are committed to achieve. Next, we will develop a personalized action plan to increase your sales and grow your business. Every week a comprehensive 45 minute meeting will be scheduled in person or by phone. These meetings insure accountability and we will discuss your progress and answer your questions so we can fine tune your action plan. A minimum 3 month commitment is required to achieve optimal results that will last a lifetime.



I will sign a confidentiality agreement with you so you can be assured that all communication between us will be held in the strictest confidence. In order for me to take you to the next level, you need to be sure that everything we talk about is held in confidence.

Coaching You to Success!!!


You can achieve immediate results and we can have fun making it happen. Please call my office at 949-891-1423 to set up a conference call and let’s talk about what I can do for you.

I look forward to being your personal sales coach and helping you increases your sales!

Remember, you are a champion, winner and God’s Best!