Sales Meeting

We have surveyed 1000’s of sales professionals & sales managers regarding what they think of their sales meetings and this is the consistent feedback we received: 

  • Sales meetings lack energy.

  • Meetings are the same almost all the time.

  • Attendees get talked at and never asked their opinion. 

  • Only receive product training, no sales strategies.

  • Attendees feel like meetings are a waste of time and they would rather be selling.

  • Meetings could be structured better and run more efficiently. 

  • Unmotivating.

  • Boring. 

  • Lack engagement and participation. 

You may be surprised to find out that your salespeople feel the same. 

The duties of sales managers have always been broad, encompassing multiple responsibilities, each one competing for “the sales manager’s time”. Sales managers today are a blend between a coach, trainer, operations expert, a business process consultant, a marketing leader and key company presenter. The challenges of juggling sales team issues, accountability, achieving quotas/goals, meeting demands of middle and executive management can devour sales managers’ time. Most managers are limited by hours in the day.  How can sales managers possibly find the time to prepare, design and plan high impact motivational sales meetings? 

Bringing your sales team together for weekly, semi monthly or monthly meetings is a must for sales teams, but if meetings are not impactful they are very costly, a waste of time and you are losing valuable productivity.  The Novak Group is an outside party so they have a fresh set of ears, eyes and knowledge to help revamp your sales meetings so your team gets the most out of meetings and actually look forward to them!. The Novak Group teaches sales managers their secret sauce to conduct high quality, motivating, impactful sales meetings that are customized for your business and sales team.

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