The Novak Group are sales and communication experts that can help your LASIK practice go to the next level!

The Novak Group helped a Lasik practice located in Manhattan, NY (#1 LASIK Center in the Northeast and Top 10 in the United States) increase sales 35% in 2011, and an additional 20% in 2012! That’s a 55% increase!

Mr. Novak has personally designed a program to help Lasik Surgeons and their staff book more surgeries, enhance practice productivity and insure patients are receiving the ultimate customer experience.

The Novak Group offers select LASIK practices training and coaching focusing on the specific needs of each individual practice. In a busy surgeons office the staff has the medical training necessary, but most staff is not trained how to sell the doctor and his services to patients.  Mr. Novak can help your staff have confidence converting leads into consultations, consultations into booked surgeries, and can provide you and your staff with additional tools to provide a professional level of customer service to your practice.


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