If you are investing money on leads that your sales team is not converting at a high conversion rate, you are literally throwing money away!

Do You Know Why?
  • Sales are stagnant
  • Conversion rate is low with some of the sales team 
  • Sales goals are not consistently met
  • The sales team is not motivated
  • Sales are not closing
  • Your competition is kicking your butt
You either have a strategic sales plan to succeed or you have no plan and your company is experiencing some of the struggles listed above. 

Would You Like:
  • Sales people that stay and not leave to work for your competition.
  • Consistent sales growth month after month.
  • Sales forecasted accurately. 
  • Your sales team motivated to sell.
  • To focus on other parts of the business knowing that sales are taken care of.
  • A better conversion rate. 
  • To have your executive team on the same page when it comes to sales growth.    
What is a strategic Sales Planning Session?
Many organizations have never had a strategic sales planning session and when they do it is as if a light bulb is turned on and many areas of the company are exposed. Strategic planning is envisioning the future of the company and  translating that vision into measurable and achievable sales goals, and then implementing long range planning to accomplish those goals.  The Novak Group provides a roadmap for your organization to move forward and get on track for consistent sales growth.

Who facilitates the planning session? 
Tod Novak, President & Founder of The Novak Group

Who should attend? 
Key Staff – Decision makers or just you, the CEO 

How long is the session? 
1 day (6-8 hours) 

Newport Beach, CA  or hybrid (in person and virtual)

A Few Things We Will Look At:
  • How is your sales team getting paid? Salary, commission? Is your current pay structure motivating your salespeople, keeping salespeople and attracting the right new salespeople? Maybe it’s time to revamp your comp plan.
  • What data and reports are you looking at on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
  • Do you have the right follow up process in place?
  • Your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Goals and vision for your company over the next year, 5 years, 10 years. 
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