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Are You Closing 100% of Your Sales?

The answer is simple; of course not...What if I could show you guaranteed how to greatly increase your closing ratio by 300%. I empower sales people, small business owners, network marketers and solopreneurs to increase their sales. I made 400 million dollars in 10 months for one of my clients.

In sales the average closing rate is 15% - 20%

The average closing rate is made up of mostly of sales that I refer to as "order taking sales" or timing sales. This type of sale occurs when someone is in need of your product or service. During the course of your day you might get a phone call or run into someone at a restaurant or networking event, and the potential customer ASKS YOU about your product or service. They are need driven to buy from you. The sale just happens because you were available when the customer needed the product or service. Most people think that's selling, however that's reallyorder taking. I want you to increase your closing rate from that of an order taker to that of a sales professional by going after the sale, rather than waiting for the sale to come to you. Show me the Products!

There are two types of salespeople

Professional Order
Professional Sales

"I have known Tod for several years and had all my sales representatives attend his “Birds” seminars. He has also personally coached several of them with outstanding results. His high energy, fun presentations are very professional in content as well as delivery. Mr. Novak has been a great resource for me to attain my goals, train my staff and improve my job. He delivers what he promises with enthusiasm and professionalism. "

Don Disch, Branch manager Liberty Mutual Insurance,

"I have known Tod Novak for five years and have worked with him on various business endeavors and have been impressed with him as a leader and a professional. After sponsoring one of Tods seminars and sending my sales staff to attend, The Hispano Chamber had its best month ever in the history of the Chamber. If you want real results to increase your sales I highly recommend Tod Novak."

Jeffrey Candelaria VP of Sales and Marketing, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

“I recently attended and was a sponsor with a booth at Tod's Sales Seminar. Tod's team was extremely well-organized. I had a few special requests for my booth and got a lot of cooperation and correspondence from Tod and his team to make sure it was coordinated correctly. I was impressed with the communication and their attention to these details. One of the most important things in sales is learning how to interact with people. Tod teaches a personality system using birds where you will learn what your personality type is and how to identify personality types in others. He communicates this system in a fun, interactive and easy to understand manner and I never got bored! Tod also walks his talk. He is very personable and a very sharp sales person. He is one to be learned from. What he does, he will teach you in his seminar and in his coaching. Learning what motivates people and how they perceive and interact with the world is the key. Learn this and you will close more business. Tod teaches these things and does it in a fun, friendly and exciting fashion.”

Sheryl Arndt Owner/President at Synerprises LLC

The question is what is the difference
between the two types?

What professional order takers do...

They wait for orders to come to them. Let's look at the mortgage industry for an example. Three or four years ago if you were in the mortgage business you could just answer the phone all day and make thousands of dollars. The sales were need driven and many sales people were just taking orders as they wrote the mortgages. Now it's a different story, the phone is silent and if you are just a professional order taker, you are hurting right now. Yet if you are a professional salesperson you know the secrets of making sales in any economy.

What sales professionals do...

They go after the sale; they don't wait for the need driven sale to come to them. They still may get 20 % of their closing rate from taking orders, but what sets them apart from their competition is they tackle the sales that others don't. They're busy making the Human Connection, building relationships, resulting in a higher closing rate, always out selling their competition.

Sales professionals invest in themselves and their career. They go to seminars and workshop, hire sales coaches, buy DVD's, CD's mp3 downloads, eBooks and books, anything they can do to advance their skills. When they're in their car they listen to motivational or sales CD's, to keep their mind and attitude positive. I can always identify a top sales professional when I am presenting a sales training. They act like Victor, a #1 sales professional at one of the largest car dealerships in the country. When he attended one of my training seminars I noticed he was listening intently and volunteered for all interactive sessions. During breaks he followed me and asked me questions. Sales professionals are never complacent; they strive for professional development to be on top of their game. At the end of the training Victor was at the back of the room buying all my DVD's and CD's and books so he could continue to sharpen his skills. Later that week, when I was visiting his dealership I was fortunate to see Victor received one of the prestigious top awards given by Ford by the #2 executive from corporate who flew in to give him the award. That was no surprise to me, Victor is a prime example of a sales professional.

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Americas Sales and Motivational Expert, Tod Novak will show you how to become a first class sales professional... The key to professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact of the Human Connection for increased sales with a higher closing rate. Show me the Products!

Real World Experience with REAL RESULTS

I am 44 years old and have owned 27 businesses and started by first business at the age of 9 and have been selling ever since. My Dad was one of the best sales people I ever met and they tell me my grandfather was just as good or even better. So I learned from one of the best and at the age of nine I was learning what ever I could about sales from tapes, books, and VCR's. As I got older I continued with books, tapes, CD's mentors, coaches and seminars spending tens of thousands of dollars. I always sought after top sales professionals to associate with so I could be like a sponge, soaking up knowledge and experience from the best.

With all my experience over the years I have determined that there are 2 major steps to making the sale.

Step #1

Determine the personality style of the person you are talking to whether it’s in person, over the phone or by email using "The Birds".

"The Birds"


"The Birds” is about making an instant connection with everyone you meet. The bottom line is it doesn't matter how great your product or service is, if people aren't listening to you, and your not connecting with them, they're not buying. Let's face it we all prefer to buy from people we like and the same is true of our customers and clients.

“Tod's presentation skills pull in an audience to make them feel part of the story. He has amazing people skills and manages to reach inside of you at an intellectual and emotional level.”

Larry Ahrens, Partner ,
Ahrens Garrity Public Relations

“Tod Novak is a dynamic, exciting, inspiring speaker. He uses fascinating stories and concepts to make his points crystal clear, easy to understand, and easy to remember. I love The Birds!”

Marianne Powers, Writer/Speaker at Doing the Right Thing

“Tod Novak cuts to the chase when it comes to finding the sale in your business. I would highly recommend Tod to help any single salesperson or a company of salespeople. He knows how to make the sale happen.”

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Jason Parker, Hired Tod C. Novak as a Sales Coach in 2008 - January 21, 2009

What is the Birds and The Human Connection?

We live in a world where our interaction with other people defines our successes. We can have positive interaction and make instant connections with people when we first realize that people are different and receive and give out information in different ways. Reliance on technology, particularly the Internet, cell phones and text messaging, has made all communication easy yet generic, disregarding peoples differences , void of any "human connection". To be effective in our communication endeavors in business as well as our personal lives it is important to recognize and embrace people's differences, with The Birds and The Human Connection, and adapt our communication styles to these differences. Some of us have learned to adapt to others naturally, that is called unconscious competence, however it is not reliable because it is not consistent. The Birds is a proven system that has been used by tens of thousands of people because quite simply The Birds... it's proven, time tested and it works.

The Birds are unique, unlike any other personality or behavior assessment you may have taken like Meyers Briggs or Disc. I have asked tens of thousands of people if they have ever taken an assessment test on personalities, and almost everyone says yes. Then I ask them to name the four basic types they learned and they stop and think, and ponder, and maybe remember one style, but struggle with remembering the rest. Well if you don't remember the personalities how can you expect to use them for your benefit on a daily basis. That's where "the Birds" are different.

The Birds use the right brain (the visual component), this makes identifying and retaining the communication style permanent. The Birds style of communication mirrors the way the real bird looks and acts furthermore locking in the characteristics of each style. Once people learn the birds they don't forget them, and use them professionally and personally for a lifetime of results. Now you can communicate with people so they listen and like you… Show me the Products!

If you have the habit of using the same communication style with every prospect, you may be losing 75% of your sales

Learning "The Birds" Will Change Your Life Forever

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"The Birds" CD Sample Clip #2 duration: 1 min 25 secs

Now you can learn to talk to people how they like to be talked to, without forcing your communication style on them. Since there are only 4 basic communication styles, and you are predominantly one of them, you automatically connect with 25% of everyone you meet (the people that communicate like you)

What about the other 75% of people, those that communicate differently from you? Did you ever stop and think that maybe you're avoiding them because subconsciously we look for people to talk to that are more like us, (Birds of a feather flock together). Most often it is this other 75% of people, that aren't like us, that we aren't selling to. Making the Human Connection with The Birds will empower you to communicate and sell effectively to everyone, even that "other 75%".

Get your phone calls
returned with The Birds
Get your emails
returned with The Birds

Now for my second step to increasing sales 300%...

Step #2

of my phenomenally successful
2 steps to selling is

Find their motivation, why they will buy.


“Tod is a terrific real-world example of achievement through hard work and commitment. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work with him, to hear his stories and to benefit from the excellent guidance he provides through his materials. His "Birds" personality system in particular is a clear-cut means of analyzing interaction with others.”

Paul Simon, Content Manager, CanDoGo

“I had the pleasure of working with Tod Novak and his company a couple years ago and amazingly we are still getting top performance results from his presentation. Tod taught my team of sales representatives how to identify personalities and sell to the different styles. I would highly recommend anyone that has the need for a motivational and inspirational speaker please hire the Novak Group. Thanks Tod for the great results!"

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Juan Urioste, Comcast Sales Supervisor - October 31, 2008

“Mr. Tod Novak is an expert in his field and an excellent motivator. He took his time to help me understand business ownership and leadership. Mr. Novak also trained me to understand different personality types in the business world and life. The time I spent with him was an experience I will never forget. I highly recommend Mr. Novak as a friend, mentor, business coach and motivator. Rick Hernandez"

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Rick Hernandez, Hired Tod C. Novak as a Business Consultant in 2008 - March 30, 2009

“I've attended two of Tod's seminars and have learned a lot about how to sell to the personality of my prospect/client. My relationship with Tod is continuous in that I receive many of his informational emails and now his Monday Motivational Minute videos. It's a great way to start off the week. I would recommend Tod to anyone who is looking to take their sales to the next level."

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Kimberly Holmes Sales Supervisor - March 31, 2009

“Tod's expertise in sales consulting is outstanding. His service was above and beyond my expectations, even BEFORE and AFTER the contract was signed. He is very engaging and his customization is one of a kind.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Norb Gray - March 30, 2009

“Tod Novak is without a doubt one of the best in the business. I've been to several Sales Motivational seminars and Tod's left me with wanting more. I didn't want the meeting to end. His "Birds" training will have a profound effect on anyone who hears it. I use it all the time. I can point out an "Owl", "Peacock," “Eagle” or “Dove” the minute I begin a conversation. The best part is findng out what "bird" I am! Tod Novak is the best. I recommend The Novak Group for your next Company Sales and Motivational meeting.”

Joel Hixon, Pre Paid Legal Services & Identity Theft Shield,

Customers buy for their reasons (motivations), not yours and if we are too busy with our sales "pitch" and trying to sell them for our reasons, we may not be really focused on listening to the customer. You may be thinking about why you closed the last three customers; however this is a new different customer that may communicate in a different way from the last three. Different personality styles buy for different reasons and motivations. If you are selling to a Donald Trump style in the morning and to a Bill Gates style in the afternoon, they are very different styles and you would have to sell to them differently. You must talk less and ask the right questions and really listen to your potential customer, and by letting them talk they will give you reasons (motivations) why they want your product. When you make the Human Connection with them, they feel free to talk, and be honest, and share their needs with you.

Play this clip
"The Birds" CD Sample Clip #3 duration: 1 min 34 secs

Show me the Products!

Here is a real world example of
what happened recently to a salesperson

In a recent training for a radio station Michelle, a new salesperson, asked me "what should I do during a presentation when the potential client mentions one of their reasons (motivations) for buying my product?" I told her not to start selling them or closing them, just write it down, and continue to listen to them. By not responding to them (with a selling or closing tactic) as soon as they give you their reason (motivation) to buy, it helps build rapport. The potential client will not get defensive, because you didn't start slamming them with a sales pitch the minute they gave you a reason why they needed your product. They will continue to be conversational and will most likely give you additional reasons (motivations) why they need your product (keep writing them down). At the end of the visit if it's the right time to close, all you have to do look at their reasons(motivations) you wrote down and remind them of their reasons for buying, NOT YOURS. It's easy for them to disagree with your reasons (motivations) for buying, but they can't disagree with their own reasons (motivations) for buying. Michelle said, "great advice, I am going on a sales call today for a important client that no one else has been able to close and I can't wait to use your step 2".The following day Michelle attended my full day seminar packed with salespeople, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and sales managers. I was teaching on step 2 (find their motivation to buy) and Michelle raised her hand and said "can I say something". I said absolutely and she went on to tell about her appointment the previous day with the client no one could close. She continued "when the client starts hinting about why he wanted to use my product, I put Mr. Novak's step 2 into action". At the end of the visit I reminded him of his motivation (reasons) for buying, and I closed the sale no one else could close". She told the audience "this really works, listen to Mr. Novak and use his two steps, because if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Does this sound familiar?
What many salespeople do is get excited about an appointment, about selling andclosing the potential customer. During the appointment when a prospect gives us their first reason for buying the product or service we think it's a green light, to start presenting (or giving the sales pitch). When we do that human nature kicks in and the prospect identifies the sales pitch and become defensive and shuts down, not wanting to be "sold" and stops giving you the reasons why they really want the product or service. Now you try to close the sale, and unless the customer is in dire need of your product or service, they will say "I have to think about it" or "no". What happened is you didn't make the human connection and closed too soon.

Has this ever happened to you?

You're enjoying a great conversation with someone, listening intently, focusing on every word they said, and even if your phone rang, or your blackberry vibrated, you just ignored it because you "were making The Human connection" and engaged in great communication ....


You're talking with someone and after a few minutes the other person said to you "so what do you think?" and you realized that hadn't listened to a word they said so in your mind you stumble and say something like "Oh that's great", and you're wondering how to get back into the conversation and not let them know you weren't listening. That's a great example not connecting and a conversation void of the human connection.

Think about this, if not connecting has happened to you, because you weren't listening and connecting to the other person... don't you think it has happened to other people, maybe  the person you're selling to.... maybe they're not listening and not connecting with you?

I have come up with a system over time, a guaranteed system that anyone can learn... a way to connect with everyone we meet, in person, over the phone or via email. You will have the skills to identify and make the Human connection with that other 75% of the people in 60 seconds. Once you learn the birds and The Human Connection you will notice people really listening to you and automatically your closing percentage will increase and you'll make more sales and money.

Don't be an order taker... Now is the time to go after the 75% -80% of sales you weren't getting

before and make the Human Connection and become a sales professional and make the money and have the lifestyle your family deserves. Sales is the greatest and most rewarding profession I know of, if you know how to make the Human Connection. Instead of just looking for customers that you feel comfortable with, that are just like you, go after everyone and increase in your sales up to 300% and prospect, present and close with confidence with everyone. Show me the Products!

Your personal relationships influence your productivity at work. The Birds will enhance your personal relationships at home. The Birds is designed to change the way you talk, treat others, see your world, and above all improve every relationship in your life

Play this clip
"The Birds" CD Sample Clip #4 duration: 1 min 3 secs

The Birds will work for every relationship in your life, with your spouse, or your children... even the in-laws

You don't have to know everything before a sales call, you just have to know people... by making the Human Connection with The Birds.

Let me share with you another story about how the birds and the Human connection can affect personal relationships

I was at a social event and bumped into an entrepreneur who had taken my ½ day Birds seminar. I asked him how are "The Birds" working in your life and he said "great in his business and even better at home". Let me explain what happened in his personal life.
This gentleman is an ex-marine, wears solid red ties like Donald trump and he still shaves his head. He has a 14 year old daughter and everyone knows what a critical time that is for any parent. 
At home this Dad acted as you would expect an ex-marine to act, giving a lot of orders, and lots of rules and regulations. He is a very nice guy but treated his daughter from the viewpoint of I am the parent and you are the child and you do what I tell you. Well you can imagine that their relationship wasn't very strong when it came to open and frequent communication. After taking my seminar he went home and analyzed the Bird type of his daughter, who is a "Dove" a peacemaker, quieter and who avoids confrontation at all costs. After he analyzed her communication style he decided to ask her what she really liked about the family. Her answer surprised him, she said she liked the holidays and weekends when Dad made a home cooked breakfast and they spent time talking together over breakfast.

Dad took a giant step forward toward improving their relationship and decided to start listening and treating his daughter according to her Bird style. He started getting up every weekday morning ½ hour earlier, to cook her breakfast and sit and talk with her. He created this special time for them and what transpired was miraculous for their relationship. The daughter began sharing with her Dad, actually opening up and talking with him, making the human connection, which she had never done before. Their relationship turned from I'm the Dad, you're the child to a relationship with meaningful conversation, mutual understanding and respect for each other. This ex- marine said he never imagined he could have a close relationship with his teenage daughter. "It was all because of The Birds that I started talking to her the way I knew she like to be talked to… so she responded to me in a whole new way”.

Show me the Products!

This is how I recently used The Human Connection

A few months ago I went to Mexico City to speak at a Sales Summit and a special event for Microsoft .I entered the plane, which was the last 3 hour leg of my trip to Mexico. There was one other person in first class, Nadja, a professional business woman who was returning to Mexico City. She spoke perfect English so I decided to strike up a conversation with her. We talked awhile (connected), and I briefly explained the Birds and The human connection to her.
I asked her if she could help me with some information that I needed for my presentation in Mexico City. I explained that I like to use examples of celebrity "bird styles" in my speech so people can easily relate to each bird. Since I wasn't familiar with the celebrities in Mexico City, could she give me some examples .My original plan was to talk to my translator when I got to Mexico so they could fill me in on local celebrities however because Nadja and I had made "the human connection" she said "I would be happy to help you" and she gave me lots of examples of local celebrities. We continued to talk and as the plane landed she said "this was the quickest 3 hr flight I ever took" it seemed like it was only a 45 minute trip, not three hours." Time just flies by when you are talking to someone you have connected with.

When we landed I found out that my luggage had been lost. She was at baggage claim and over heard what was happening with my luggage. She offered to translate for me to the baggage handler, and arranged to have my luggage delivered to my hotel later that evening. On top of it all, she then helped me find my limo driver and then gave me her business card with her cell phone number and said if I needed anything else while I was in Mexico City please feel free to call her. Wow, this proved one thing...

You don't have to know everything, you just have to know people... by making the Human Connection with The Birds... No matter where you are in the world!


Real World Training with Real Results and Real RETENTION.

Now be honest with yourself and answer the questions below
  • Do you have a proven system to sell to the four different communication styles?
  • Do you listen to your prospect to identify their buying style?
  • Do you know your style of communicating?
  • Do you feel confident selling to everyone your meet?
  • Do you want more of your emails to get answered?
  • Do you want more phone calls returned?
  • Do you wonder why customers act the way they do?
  • Do you want to work smarter, rather than harder?
  • Do you want to know why some people don't buy from you?
  • Do you want to discover your prospects motivation to buy?
  • Do you want to maximize every communication opportunity

"You know that if you are working with Tod C. Novak you are working with a leader in his profession. As a sales coach he exceeds all the rest, and gives you the tools and support to make you the best you can be. He focuses on your passions, priorities, and talents, and walks beside you every step until you meet your goals. He takes his position very seriously and doesn't stop until you reach that next level of success. Tod Novak makes it all about you and your goals!”

Meredith Autry, Sales Manager , Franklin Covey - March 29, 2009

"Tod is an expert in sales and very knowledgeable in the aspects of following up effectively, relating sales to the 4 different personality types "The Birds" , and in turn opening more doors with clients and relationships.”

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Sarah Lopez, Hired Tod C. Novak as a Sales Coach in 2007 - April 16, 2009


Let me show you how to discover the buying style of each prospect in 60 seconds whether you are face to face, on the phone or by email, Tens of thousands have proven that using "The Birds" will close more sales and you can too! Can you afford to continue to miss 75% of your potential sales?




Tod this sounds great, how can I get this information right away to use the birds and the human connection to improve the business and personal relationships in my life?

I have 5 special offers to get you started immediately adapting to potential customers and co-workers and family members.

Offer #1

  • CD set of "The Birds" Live ½ day seminar

This three CD set is 2 hours and 18 min of an edited live seminar with Tod Novak and the Human connection. After listening to these CD's you will have the specific communication and sales skills you need to experience immediate increase in your business as well as improved communication in your personal life.

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If you order right now I will include 5 of my Bird memory cards. These uv coated illustrated memory cards have the main characteristics and slogan of each Bird style, for easy review where ever you may be (on the phone, before a sales call). These credit card size memory cards fit into your wallet or purse so you can keep them handy at all times.

Offer #2

  • Mp3 download "The Birds" Live seminar, 2hours and 18 min

This Mp3 is 2 hours and 18 min of an edited live seminar with Tod Novak and the Human connection. After listening to this Mp3 you will have the specific communication and sales skills you need to experience immediate increase in your business as well as improved communication in your personal life.

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  • Mp3 download of "Attracting New Clients" Live training, 1 hour and 2 min

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    1 hour and 35 minutes of an edited live seminar with Tod Novak and The Human connection I know some of you are visual so I have my live seminar on DVD. This will help you lock into memory "making the human connection". After watching me present it to a live audience, you will feel like you attended the seminar. You will have the benefit of not missing any information, you can always pause it, so you can go to the kitchen or rest room.

    * Menu driven: You can choose each Bird style separately from the menu

So when you want to review or explain a Bird style to someone, you can just click on the menu to view a certain Bird style

After watching this DVD you will know how to create lasting relationship strategies that will produce dramatic economic results.

At my seminars I offer this DVD for $149.00, since I am saving time and money by offering this via the internet you can order this for only $79.95.

As my special gift to you I will also include an additional 1 hour live training mp3 download on "Attracting New Clients" that you can receive right away.


Remember... The most important person you can invest in is yourself

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  • 5 Bird Memory Cards
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  • Mp3 download of "The Birds" Live seminar, 2 hours and 18 min

  • Mp3 download of "Attracting New Clients" Live training, 1 hour and 2 min

  • DVD (menu driven) "The Birds" Seminar Live
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You will receive everything from all the offers above

If you totaled all of these products together at my seminar, the investment would be $427


What I recommend is to choose offer #5

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My Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your investment…You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Like Albert Einstein said
"Stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result",

learn the secrets of great salespeople and become an expert in communicating and making the Human Connection.

Order now and I will see you on my next conference call.

Remember you are a champion and a winner and Gods best

Thank you,

Tod C Novak