Did you know there are 4 stages of selling?

1. Prospecting
2. Presenting
3. Closing
4. Follow up

While each stage is vital, there’s one that holds the key at every step Presenting.

With over two decades of experience, Tod Novak has personally conducted over 12,000 coaching sessions. Tod’s clients have shared with him the tremendous value and immediate results they received from his sales presentation coaching and training.

 For the first time ever, we’re offering Sales Presentation Coaching à la carte! No need to commit to a full coaching program; you can access this invaluable service independently.

Starting at just $97, this is a game-changer for your investment! Join now and watch your sales soar to new heights.

What’s next?

Tod Novak will personally review your recorded presentation, providing insights into:

  • What you’re doing right and why you should continue.
  • Elements to eliminate for a more impactful presentation.
  • Seizing missed opportunities to connect with clients or position your product/service for a compelling pitch and close.

What Clients Are Saying

I recently participated in a live coaching session with Tod Novak for sales presentation coaching, and it proved to be a valuable use of my time and money. The insights I gained from his coaching were immediately applicable, leading to increased success in closing sales. I am looking forward to another sales presentation coaching session with him soon! 

Presentation training by far has been the best thing that has ever happened to my career and refining my craft. Tod truly loves the art of selling and cares for each and every person he works with. Thanks Tod!

Choose from two options

Live One-on-One Session (Video Conference) with Tod Novak
  • Collaboratively review your recorded presentation one on one with Tod.
  • Receive real-time coaching and feedback
  • Session recorded and shared with you for ongoing learning

Recorded Coaching​
  • Send Tod your recorded presentation
  • After Tod listens to your recorded presentation, he will send you a personalized recording with feedback/suggestions.

Which Option is best for you?

If you prefer to talk with Tod personally one on one, and ask specific questions, then choose LIVE One-on One Session.

If you prefer to just have Tod go through one of your recorded presentations and send you recorded feedback, then choose Recorded Coaching.

How to get started

Select your preferred session type and recording length:

Recorded Coaching:
  • 15 mins: $97
  • 30 mins: $175
  • 45 mins: $249
  • Return time: 3-5 days (24-hour return available for an additional $149 charge)

LIVE Coaching:

  • 15 min. recording: $249           (Live session with Tod 20-25 mins)
  • 30 min. recording: $395           (Live session with Tod 40-50 mins)
  • 45 min. recording: $500           (Live session with Tod 50 mins – 1hr)
  • Return time for all live sessions: 24 hours

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