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$5 Million increase in sales in 12 months.
Gross sales went from $27 Million to over
$100 Million in 3 years.

Client Overview

Industry: Entertainment & Casino Promotions
Location:  Southern California
How long in business:  19 years
How many employees:  35
Length of engagement:  12 months

Executive Summary

An Entertainment & Casino Promotions Company In business for 19 years. No sales manager or sales


  • Most of the sales team had no sales skills. They were hired because they were a family friend or referral.
  • No sales manager.
  • No sales culture.  
  • 2 partners/owners had different philosophies on how the sales team should be managed.


$5 Million increase in sales in 12 months. Gross sales went from $27 Million to over $100 Million in 3 years. Sales team surpassed yearly sales goal and was awarded an all-expense paid vacation in Hawaii.


  • Half day strategic sales planning session with the 2 owners/partners. 
  • Implemented Sales Management 2.0.
  • Started with a half day sales training.
  • Implemented bi-monthly sales meetings.
  • Implemented one on one bi-monthly coaching sessions.
  • Met individually with each salesperson to learn more about them, their selling style, build a personal relationship with them, and find out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Held sales team accountable for entering required data in CRM and completing daily activity tracking reports.
  • 2-day sales presentation training for sales team.
  • Restructured commission plan to motivate sales team to sell more.
  • Implemented a sales culture, brought everyone together as a team.
  • Implemented and ran weekly & monthly sales contests.
  • Yearly Goal: If the sales team met sales goal for the year, they would be treated to a vacation in Hawaii (all expenses paid and could bring a guest). Surpassed goal and trip was awarded.

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