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Our sales manager coaching & training program is designed to help sales managers take their manager skills to the next level. With The Novak Group’s advanced sales management strategies and proven sales management techniques, your sales manager will be able to understand where help is needed coaching and training their team, overcoming their challenges and enhancing their sales team’s performance that will lead to more business/revenue.

This program is customizable, allowing us to train on areas that will be most beneficial to sales managers  and their sales team. We work alongside the sales manager and share our secret sauce regarding how we run, manage, coach, train, create the right processes, protocols and commission structure (just to name a few) to motivate the sales team and increase sales.

Case Studies

Call Center

Call Center Case Study

This client was looking to expand their sales team and grow the business. In 12 months, The Novak Group took the sales team from 2 to 5 salespeople. Sales averaged $8.5 million. In one year The Novak Group helped increase sales to over $11 million, for a RECORD BREAKING year!


Manufacturing Case Study

Sales were on a downslide for 2 years straight.The Novak Group came in and helped increase sales over 10 million in one year to hit a record-breaking year!

Sales Manager Challenges

  • Hiring: when it comes to recruiting salespeople, managers need to be able to identify the key characteristics of successful salespeople, and have a consistent step by step recruiting process.
  • Training: It is important for managers to provide ongoing training about industry products, sales strategies and techniques.
  • Coaching: 1:1 coaching is the key to real sales success through changing behaviors and what is holding salespeople back from the rockstar salesperson they should be.
  • Motivation:To be motivated, salespeople need to feel like they are part of a team and that their individual contribution is valued.
  • Compensation: Managers need to design a compensation plan that will attract and retain top sales talent.
  • Goal setting/KPIs: For the sales team to be successful, managers need to set realistic and achievable KPIs and sales goals.
  • Communication: In order to be successful as a sales manager you need to know how to communicate to your team as a group and with each salesperson individually. This sounds simple, however this can be very complicated. Sometimes managers  wish they had a psychology degree.
  • Sales Meetings: Designing and running an effective sales meeting is critical and super difficult because most sales managers were salespeople before becoming a sales manager. They may have only experienced inadequate sales meetings so they were never really taught how to design and conduct a successful sales meeting.

If you are facing any of these challenges, our sales manager coaching and training program will give your managers the tools and knowledge they need to overcome these challenges and achieve sales manager success.

Sales Manager Training & Coaching includes:

  • The Novak Group’s step-by-step system for setting and achieving goals
  • Tips to manage time more effectively
  • How to delegate tasks 
  • Creating a sales plan that works
  • The secrets to selling more products and services
  • Strategies to increase your close rate and win more business
  • A simple process to track daily, weekly and monthly sales activity
  • Learning how to communicate effectively with your team and each salesperson
  • The art of generating more revenue from existing customers
  • Proven sales and follow up processes
  • How to run effective, motivating sales meetings 

It is Impossible to include everything we can do for your sales manager and sales team. This program is 100% customized for your sales manager and your sales team’s actual needs to drive results that you need and want.

This customized program will benefit you if you:

  • MANAGE salespeople and are looking for ways to increase sales and productivity
  • NEED help structuring and implementing a commission/bonus plan
  • MANAGE a team that is struggling to hit sales targets and goals 
  • FEEL like you could be doing more to support and motivate your team
  • WANT to learn how to set realistic and achievable goals
  • HAVE a team that’s struggling with effective communication 
  • LEAD a team of low-performing salespeople 
  • CONDUCT sales meetings that are not as engaging as you would like them to be
  • HAVE to babysit or micromanage your team

Sales Manager Coaching Overview

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