Why have your email inbox flooded with resumes, and then spend your valuable time or your staff’s time sifting through hundreds of resumes and then interviewing prospective candidates? Just to get frustrated with no real result.

Relax…there is a better and proven way to hire the right salesperson the first time with no work or risk.

Introducing professional sales recruiting by The Novak Group, sales experts hiring sales professionals, nothing could be better than that.

We recruit qualified sales professionals who deliver results!

The Novak Group will do all the work for you!

We are not just placing ads and interviewing candidates, seasoned sales expert Tod Novak, CEO of The Novak Group is selling your sales opportunity and utilizing his sales expertise to hand select the most qualified candidates for your company.

Mr. Novak has designed a proven tested 17 Step Recruiting Process that candidates are put through.  The process includes multiple interviews over the phone and video conference, role playing, a behavioral assessment and so much more.  Our recruiting process is designed to determine the overall best sales professional for your company.

Tod knows from 25+ years of sales experience the importance of having the right sales talent is the best ways to grow your sales.

Our sales recruiting process begins with an in-depth interview with you to understand more about your company, product and or service, your needs, and what type of salesperson typically works the best in your company’s environment/culture.

The Novak Group prides itself in creating relationships with our clients so we can understand your needs and goals for your sales team. Nobody in the industry does exactly what The Novak Group does or delivers the results that we can, with a full 60-day peace of mind replacement guarantee. 

The cherry on top is One on One Sales Coaching for 30 days with Tod Novak to ensure your new hire gets up and running fast.

Our system is proven with guaranteed results delivered within 30-45 days.

A successful salesperson = business growth.

Let Us Recruit Your “A” Player!

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