At The Novak Group, we offer expert recruiting services to deliver the premium sales talent you need to grow and develop your business. Let us help you recruit “A” players who deliver results!

Why pay for costly recruiting, have your inbox flooded with resumes that can take hours to sift through and spend your valuable time interviewing prospects?

Just to get frustrated with no result in finding the sales professional you need. Our goal is to do the work for you.

Let The Novak Group do all the work for you:


Tod Novak, America’s Sales & Motivational Expert performs all video conference interviews himself and will personally conduct the final round of interviews in person at your location.

Mr. Novak has designed a proven system that candidates are put through.  The system is designed to weed the imposters from the gems, determine how candidates perform under pressure, and determine if they are the overall best sales professional for your business.

The Novak Group prides itself in creating relationships with our clients so that we have a strong understanding of your needs and ultimate goals.  Nobody in the industry does exactly what we do or deliver the results we can.

Our system is proven with guaranteed results delivered within 30-45 days.

A successful salesperson = business growth.

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