5 Different Types of Sales Closing

Closing a sale is an essential skill for any salesperson. Without the ability to effectively close a sale, even the best salesperson will struggle to succeed. There are many different types of sales closings that can be used, and the best salespeople are often those who are able to adapt their closing style to fit the situation.

Choosing the right type of sales closing can be the difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one. Furthermore, motivating your sales team is also crucial to consider.


Sales Closing
5 different types of sales closing to adopt

1. Assume you have already closed

Assuming you have already closed is a powerful sales closing technique. It works by getting the likelihood to agree with everything you say leading up to the close. By the time you make your ask, they are already mentally committed to saying yes.

For example, pretend you are selling a car. You might say something like, “When you drive this car off the lot, you’re going to feel like a million bucks.” The prospect agrees with you and is already picturing themselves in the car. By the time you ask for their business, they are much more likely to say yes.

2. Aiming at Value vs. Cost

Many times, people make purchasing decisions based on price. They want to know how much something costs before they decide whether or not to buy it.

As a seller, you need to shift the focus away from price and towards value. Instead of talking about how much something costs, talk about how much value it will add to their life.

  • Who will buy your product?
  • Analyze your customer’s problem clearly
  • Compose a list of all of your product benefits (their value)

These are the strategies you should use to shift the focus away from cost and towards value. By doing so, you will be much more likely to close the sale.

3. Build a sense of urgency

Another effective sales closing technique is to build a sense of urgency. You can do this by stressing the importance of taking action now.

Suppose that you are selling a new product, you might say something like, “This offer is only available for a limited time.” By creating a sense of urgency, you will increase the probability that will take action and buy your product. Hence, there are two types of urgency you can use:

  • Scarcity: There is a limited quantity of the product available.
  • Time-sensitive: The offer is only available for a limited period of time.

4. Focus on solving problems

When you are selling a product, it is important to focus on how it will solve the customer’s problem.

While solving the problem is the ultimate goal, you also need to be aware of the different stages of the sales process.

The first stage is known as “awareness.” This is when the shopper becomes aware of their problem. The second stage is known as “interest.” This is when the purchaser becomes interested in finding a solution to their problem. The third stage is known as “desire.” This is when the outlook desires your product as a solution to their problem. The fourth and final stage is known as “action.” This is when the buyer takes action and buys your product.

5. Deal with empathy

The final sales closing technique is to deal with empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

As a sales assistant, it is important to be empathetic with your customer. You need to understand their problems and feel what they are feeling. Only then will you be able to provide them with the solution they are looking for.

Being empathetic will also help build trust between you and the customer. And when there is trust, the likelihood of making a sale increases significantly.


There you have it – five different sales closing techniques that you can use to increase your chances of making a sale. Remember, the goal is to shift the focus away from price and towards value. By doing so, you will be much more likely to close the deal.

Don’t forget to build a sense of urgency and focus on solving the customer’s problem. And finally, always deal with empathy. If you can do these things, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful salesperson.

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Successful sales team management requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, with the above tips, you can set your team up for success. Implement these tips and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

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