What You Can Learn From The (13-0) Women’s World Cup Win

One of my favorite sayings if you haven’t heard about something is, Have you been living under a rock?  What am I talking about? Well a few days ago USA played Thailand in the World Cup Women’s Tournament, and they had an epic win. It was the biggest blowout in tournament history, the final score was 13-0.

It was an incredible win, especially if you’re an American and you’re into women’s soccer like I am.  Something that really surprised me is what happened afterwards and the criticism that the USA team received. 

If you’re a parent, an entrepreneur or you’re a sales professional, you are going to want to hear this. The team was criticized for not slowing down and taking it easy after it was apparent that they were going to win. Now think about it, if you’re playing in the World Cup and you’ve worked your whole life just to get to this point, and the coach tells you to slow down to flip a switch and not be aggressive at a certain time, how would you feel?  And then how do you know that switch can be flipped back up if needed?

Their whole life is built around playing soccer.  Think about this, if your whole life is built around being a sales professional or an entrepreneur. How do you stop being aggressive when you are riding momentum?  I like what Mark Cuban said years ago, “you have to act like your competition is up 24 hours a day trying to figure out how to crush you and beat you.” The reality is this is probably true in some respect. How can you just flip a switch if you have a sales team and you tell them, “hey team you’re getting too many sales, we need to slow it down.”   There is something called momentum and you don’t ever want to stop momentum.

One of the things that we do when we go in and run sales teams is we create momentum, we create a sales culture and sales go up! 

We have had it happen a couple times where so many sales came in that it started affecting production and they wanted us to slow down with sales and I said, “that is the last thing you want me to do is slow down the momentum of the sales department that we built up.”  So my advice is be prepared for the increase in sales in all departments that an increase will affect. And my point is, once you start the engine going

in sales and in your business you don’t want to put it on pause, you don’t want to let off the gas, you don’t want to relax. You have to always be moving forward.

And you know what, if you have kids what a great lesson to teach them. Some people commented, “well there’s kids watching the World Cup, what message are you sending to them?”  The message is that you have to give your all 100% of the time and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You got to put the effort in and the sooner your children learn that the better off they’ll be in life. 


So again, I’m proud of the US Women’s Soccer Team and I think it’s great they scored 13 points and I love that they were staying aggressive.  They might celebrate a lot, but wouldn’t you if you worked your whole life to get to a certain point and it paid off.


If you are a salesperson and you get an epic WIN or you make a large sale go CELEBRATE and don’t slow down! 

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