The average practice today only converts 35% of their consultations into booked surgeries. We believe with the right training for staff, correct procedures and systems in place and ongoing coaching for your patient coordinators, your practice can convert 65% or more consultations to booked surgeries. Tod Novak is CEO of The Novak Group, sales and communication experts that specialize in increasing profitability for practices all over the country. Tod has personally designed a program to help plastic surgeons and their staff book more surgeries, while giving the best patient care and developing patient trust and rapport. Booking surgeries and procedures is the driving force for practice growth. The Novak Group’s specialized coaching and training will give surgeons, patient coordinators, and the entire staff the tools to permanently grow the practice and increase the conversion rate. A medical practice is no different than any other business, without sales nothing else can happen. Tod offers select practices his sales knowledge and training expertise on converting leads into consultations, converting consultations into booked procedures, and providing surgeons and their staff additional tools to offer the ultimate customer service experience. There are no second chances to make a good first impression. A bad first impression in the competitive elective surgery market simply leads to your potential patient to seek care elsewhere.

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