Patient Coordinator Coaching/Training Program

Your Patient Coordinator can Make or Break your Practice


The most important person you can invest in with the greatest return is your patient coordinator. Your patient coordinator can make or break your practice, and that is why we are here to help you.

As a physician, you put a lot of pressure on your patient coordinator to book procedures. Yes, that is their job, but what type of training and coaching are you providing to help them? Did you know that if you were a Fortune 500 company you would be investing a minimum of $8500 to $20k per year in training and coaching for each professional sales person? Why would a company do this? Because they know the key to increasing sales and growing the business requires investing in the person that brings in the business or sales.

The question I would like you to ask yourself is, “How much are you investing in your patient coordinator?” The key person that can make the biggest significant difference in the growth of your practice.  We at The Novak Group have come up with the perfect solution to coach your patient coordinator on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to give your practice the competitive advantage over your competition and book more procedures right away.  Ongoing training is very important to introduce new concepts, ideas, strategies and techniques.

The goal is to change habits and behaviors. The only way to insure that your patient coordinator is implementing new concepts and ideas is with ongoing coaching and accountability. This is a great way to virtually guarantee the most success.

My manager signed me up for coaching sessions with The Novak Group via Skype. The effort was to further increase booked procedures and refresh my selling technique. Tod helped open doors that I had forgotten about that allowed me to connect with my clients. He reiterated the importance of listening and connecting with patients, and taking the time to connect with each patient individually as everyone’s needs and desires are different. Since my coaching sessions with Tod I am proud to say I have successfully booked numerous procedures using the array of techniques and tools through which we discussed. I am looking forward to advancing and implementing more techniques. Tod took the time to listen to my areas of concern and was able to help strengthen my techniques and confidence booking procedures

Patient Education Specialist
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For a Complimentary No Obligation 15 minute Coaching Session, please complete the following information below and a Novak Group representative will contact you to schedule a coaching session with Mr. Novak.

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