The Novak Group coaches and trains med spas focusing on sales, communication, building relationships, customer service, and follow up techniques. The Novak Group will provide you and your staff the skills and tools to help grow your practice and take it to the next level.


Aesthetics is a sales business.

Most med spas do not hire staff with sales experience. No matter how good you may be marketing, you need strong consultation skills to convert your prospects into patients. The Novak Group’s sales knowledge and training expertise will give your staff the confidence and tools to convert leads into consultations and consultations into booked procedures.

Sales Skills = Booked Procedures


The Novak Group will motivate your staff and provide them tools that they can implement immediately to communicate more effectively with patients, prospects and co-workers. The Novak Group has come up with a system that anyone can learn, a way to connect with everyone in person, over the phone, video conference, email and text. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if prospects aren’t listening to you, and you are not connecting with them, they’re not buying. Let’s face it, we all prefer to buy from people we like and the same is true of our patients.

Ultimate Customer Service

Ultimate Customer Service turns prospects into new patients and new patients into repeat customers. Patients will reward practices that provide great service by remaining loyal, and they’ll take their business elsewhere if service is mediocre. The Novak Group’s ultimate customer service training will re-energize your staff with the required skills for excellent customer service. This training is for practices who want to create a service culture that builds loyal relationships with their patients and a better environment for their employees.

Follow Up

Most patient coordinators/salespeople are good (or great) at one, two or sometimes three stages of the sales process, but not all four stages. This usually depends on their experience, personality type or selling style. Successful patient coordinators/sales professionals must be confident with all four stages of the sales process to achieve maximum results. The Novak Group has found that follow up is the key to practice growth and retention. Unfortunately, over 90% of the time follow up is the weakest link.

Follow up Facts:

  • 58% of all salespeople quit completely after following up one time.
  • 20% make two attempts before giving up.
  • 7% make three attempts.
  • 15% follow up five or more times.
  • The 15% of the salespeople that follow up 5 or more times produce about 75% of all the business.

My manager signed me up for coaching sessions with The Novak Group via video conference. The effort was to further increase booked procedures and refresh my selling technique. Tod helped open doors that I had forgotten about that allowed me to connect with my clients. He reiterated the importance of listening and connecting with patients, and taking the time to connect with each patient individually as everyone’s needs and desires are different. Since my coaching sessions with Tod I am proud to say I have successfully booked numerous procedures using the array of techniques and tools through which we discussed. I am looking forward to advancing and implementing more techniques. Tod took the time to listen to my areas of concern and was able to help strengthen my techniques and confidence booking procedures.

Patient Education Specialist

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