The Best Time To Schedule Appointments

Hi, Tod Novak here for your weekly sales strategy.

If you’re in sales, which most people watching these videos are, we’re going to talk about a way to make sure scheduled appointments do not cancel on you and more importantly, when is the best time to get ahold of prospective clients to schedule appointments.

Now I don’t know about you, but something that I’ve noticed now through managing dozens of sales teams and performing over 10,000 sales coaching sessions, it’s getting tougher and tougher to get in front of people to get face time, or even get a phone call because everybody is so busy.  So when you do get that appointment scheduled you want to make sure they don’t cancel on you.

One of my tips for this is no appointments on Monday. Now, you may be saying, well, I make appointments on Monday, and maybe that works for you, or maybe it doesn’t. This strategy is not 100%, which nothing really is.  I try to not make any appointments on Monday morning, and if I have to I schedule on a Monday, I schedule in the afternoon. I’m talking about scheduling with PNC’s (potential new clients).

Mondays tend to be very hectic for people, whatever they didn’t do on Friday or whatever they put off over the weekend, they’re putting those out fires on Monday morning.

And the first person that’s going to get rescheduled is usually going to be the salesperson.

Kind of a rule of thumb for me on Mondays is I like to come up with a strategy and a plan for the week and map it out.  That’s also what I recommend to my clients.

So try not to schedule appointments on Monday, especially Monday morning, schedule on Monday afternoon If you have to.

Now when do you think would be the best time to schedule appointments, to actually get on the phone and reach people?  What I have found out is Friday afternoon is a good time. There’s a little sweet spot between about 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.  I just did this myself about three weeks ago, I had 3 potential clients I was trying to get a hold of to schedule appointments.  I literally called all 3 of them between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Friday and got ahold of every single one of them and I was able to schedule appointments.  But more importantly, one of them picked up the phone themselves, which was a bonus because I usually have to go through their assistant to get in contact with them.  On Fridays, you can catch people off guard, people are happy on Fridays, they are thinking about the weekend and they typically don’t have a lot of things scheduled on Friday afternoon so they’re not distracted and you get a hold of them.

So again, Friday afternoons are a good time to call potential clients to schedule appointments and Friday mornings are okay too.  When scheduling appointments try not to schedule on Monday morning, but rather on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is a sales strategy that I promise will help you keep more appointments and catch people in the right mindset, so that you can actually book the appointment in the first place.  Again, this is Tod Novak, I appreciate you guys. We’ll see you next week, feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. Thanks.

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