Tod Novak, Giving Your Practice the Power to Grow!


As a nationally renowned expert in business who has helped medical practices and fortune 500 companies across the country grow their businesses and practices, Mr. Novak has consistently encountered three areas that are the main keys to practice growth.

Get the highest quality physician training from Tod Novak.

  1. Correct marketing decisions for maximum lead generation
  2. Converting leads into booked procedures/surgeries on the initial visit (keeping the leads from walking out the door without scheduling)
  3. Keeping the office staff well trained and motivated so they are performing at the highest professional level, and patients are receiving the ultimate customer experience.

Mr. Novak’s expertise from Physician Training has developed from his keen business sense and strategic methods of analysis of each individual practice. What Mr. Novak brings to your practice is not the usual cookie cutter programs or training methods. What he creates is real results from individualized customized solutions. Every practice has unique differences that can have distinctive solutions applied to bring financial success by increasing the number of booked surgeries and procedures. Our coaching gives surgeons and their staff the tools to permanently book more procedures/surgeries, and increase the conversion rate.

With Mr. Novak on your team you can now separate yourself from your competition by making the best marketing choices for lead generation, increasing your conversion rate resulting in more booked surgeries and procedures, and the peace of mind knowing you have a healthy functioning staff.

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